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Below you will find all the details of our company, positions, services and compensation as well as, how you can get started working with us. 

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About AmeriPlan® 

AmeriPlan® is a well established company that was founded in 1992 by twin brothers Dennis and Daniel Bloom. 

When they began AmeriPlan® all those years ago they started with a vision of helping people save money. They started with just a small Dental Plan that only had 2 providers accepting the membership. Now they are a Nationwide Company that has virtually no competition and has the hottest savings and protection memberships available nationwide. 

Our memberships include Dental, Vision, Prescription, Chiropractic and Medical. In addition to having memberships that save on Healthcare needs AmeriPlan® has added memberships that have Identity Theft Protection with monitoring your SSN and insurance, Family Legal Plan, National Child ID partnered with the FBI, Financial services with Debt Relief and Credit Restoration, savings with Dining Out at restaurants and fast food chains nationwide, Automotive, Entertainment and Shopping online and offline. 

The memberships that AmeriPlan® offer will help individuals and families save thousands of dollars each year. Since 1992 we've helped millions of members save hundreds of millions of dollars. We are the number one Savings and Protection Plan Company in the United States. 

About Our Credentials 

When looking to work from home with a company, for many people it is important to work with not only a legitimate but also a credible and trustworthy company that is known on a National level. 

You are probably looking for the same! We have roughly 1.7 million members using our benefit plans nationwide and we have hundreds of thousands of providers including doctors, specialist, dentists as well has many Fortune 500 companies like Sears, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Wal-Mart, JCPenny's and many, many more so we do not only uphold our reputation but also the reputations of these companies that we work with! 
AmeriPlan has an A+ rating with the BBB, go here to see for yourself:  

Our company also holds the highest ranking possible with the US Chamber of Commerce, we are also associated with the National Association of Dental Plans (NADP), Direct Selling Association (DSA), Dunn and Bradstreet (D&B). We've been recognized and featured in many publications like The New York Times, Parent Magazine,The Wallstreet Journal and The Dallas Business Journal. American Pregnancy Association has AmeriPlan® on their Insurance for Pregnant Women page of their website letting pregnant woman know they can use AmeriPlan® for their medical needs. Even Morley Safer on "60 Minutes" did a big special on our home based company and most importantly, we have the largest Child ID Program in the United State history in partnership with the FBI

Mellody Hobson was recently on Good Morning America talking about ways to save money on Healthcare. She mentions AmeriPlan® as a great way to save on Dental and Healthcare costs.  

So, as you can see we are very well known and respected on a Nationwide level. 

Working With AmeriPlan® 

When you work with Ameriplan® you are an independent contractor so it's not a job, it's not working for someone else and having a boss stand over you all the time. It's actually a home business, however we do get the unity and team support you come to expect from working outside the home. You work with dedicated individuals who have built a very successful business with AmeriPlan®. Immediately after joining, you will begin your training and work with people who have a success system already in place for you to succeed. 

You will be able to set your own schedule and work when you want to. Ameriplan® allows people to work exclusively from home either FT or PT. You can make your own hours and work days, nights, weekends; whatever you need for YOUR schedule. You can take whatever time off you need without having to ask anyone because again, with Ameriplan®, you ARE your OWN boss! That means a level of freedom most don't get to experience! Also, we offer direct deposit and Life Insurance as well as Dental, Vision, RX, Chiropractic benefits, ID Theft Protection, National Child ID, Family Legal Plan, Roadside Assistance, Credit Repair & Debt Relief and much more for you and your ENTIRE family. 

As an IBO with AmeriPlan® you'll be the BOSS but you'll have all the comfort of a team. 


I would like to touch very quickly on the amazing training we have. First off there is No hard Selling, No Telemarketing and No Cold Calling involved which is VERY important to many people. We offer Comprehensive and interactive training through a training website which literally walks you step by step through all of your initial training. Then, we also have a national corporate conference call line. We have live training calls every day of the week and team meetings two to three times per week so you can just call in and participate in any of those that you would like to! Our training calls are live, open, interactive and are lead by other members of our team. All of our training is set up to go at your own pace so it doesn't matter if you are working 10 hours per week or 40 hours per week. 

The best part is when you work with Ameriplan® you are part of a team. You would have a team trainer as well as all the other members of your team so you are never alone. We have a message board where you can go and ask questions, talk to other team members and you can just get to know one another. We get better training and team support working from home with Ameriplan® than most companies offer working outside the home. 

We promise you, that you will not be left alone! You will be guided and mentored as much, or as little as you like!

We want to work with you long term!
Please feel free to listen to one of our recorded training calls!
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The Positions: Save money or Make money 

With Ameriplan® we do one of two things, we either help people save money or we help people make money. We either sign people up on the Benefit Plans so they can save from 25% - 80% on all their medical needs or we help people make money by also working from home with Ameriplan®. 

First position: 
The first position involves Ameriplan®'s affordable medical plans and non-medical plans. We work the business as a Membership Specialist and here we help people to save significant amount of money on one of the 6 membership programs we offer.The best part is that no one can be turned down, not even due to age or a current pre-existing conditions. 

Below are the memberships we offer: 

- Dental Plus ~ $19.95/mo per household 
Includes Dental, Vision, Prescription Drugs and Chiropractic.

*Ameriplan MD Plus ~ $29.95/mo per household  
Includes AmeriDoc - It's like having a doctor in the family!
24 Hour Access to a Doctor by phone or e-mail, Hospital Advocacy and our Dental Plus program.

- Ameriplan Healthcare ~ $49.95/mo per household 
Includes Dental, Vision, Prescription Drugs, Chiropractic, Medical, Hospital Advocacy and Telemedicine. 

- Ameriplan Lifestyle ~ $99.95/mo per household
Includes, Physicians, Hospital Advocacy, Telemedicine, Dental, Vision, Prescription Drugs, Chiropractic,  
ID Theft Prevention & Resolution, National Child ID, Financial Services, Emergency Roadside Assistance, Legal Services, Recreation, Movies, Golf Resorts, Travel, Cruises, Hotel & Condo Rentals, Automotive, Car Rentals, Shopping, Business Services, Dining and more...

As a Benefits Specialist we market the plans to people who are looking to save significant amounts on their dental & medical services or on things they buy and use every single day. 

Ameriplan trains us 100% on, how to do this online or in our community. People answer our ad campaigns by either calling us, emailing us or by visiting our websites and registering for more information. We then contact these people back and we talk to them for a few minutes. We explain the plans and answer their questions and if they want the plans we take their application with them and get it submitted over to corporate online. 

The nice thing is that Ameriplan® takes over from there. We have a HUGE broker support center at corporate. They process the applications, they handle all the paper work, they issue and send out the benefits packages with their member cards, also they field all our customers calls and they collect payment from our customers on a monthly basis as well. We don't have to handle any of that, which makes our job that much easier! 

We train you how to speak with people and help them get started with the membership of their choice. 

Second position: 
The second position is as a Recruiter/Training Specialist. There are hundreds of thousands of people who want to work from home. They too answer our ad campaigns by going to our websites and requesting an interview or additional information. At that point their contact information comes straight over to us via email. We then will give them a quick call and we go over the details about working with the company. We will answer their questions and if they are someone we would like to have come and work with us we will take their application and get them started with their training. Of course, when recruiting, we are responsible for weaning out the people who are not serious and might be in it for the wrong reasons since there is a lot of time spent on our part setting someone up to work from home successfully. Then we work the business as a Trainer by helping people just like you to work from home. Again, we will fully train you how to talk with people and see if this is a good fit for them. 

What we don't do: 
- NO Hard Selling (never push people to buy what we offer or chase anybody down!)
- NO Cold Calling (we don't  ever have to pick up our phone book and start calling people!)
- NO Telemarketing 
- NO Inventory to stock and sell 
- NO exchanges of monies (all online) 

We only have to contact people who requested information from us regarding what we offer!
This makes all the difference! We share the information they requested from us and let them make their decision whether it is something that fits their needs. 

What you will get: 
- Ongoing, complete training 
- Team Support 
- One on One Mentoring 
- Websites 
- Corporate Support and Staffing 
- Household Benefits Plans
- Flexible PT/FT hours
- Daily pay & monthly residual income
- Home office tax deductions
- Direct Deposit Option Available (with advancement) 
- Amazing advancement opportunities
- Bonuses and lots of incentives are available!

When you work with Ameriplan® you have the flexibility to work either side of these positions or both of them. Some people love the benefits side while others love the recruiting side. We train you on both and you actually get to spend your time doing what you like best. 

Compensation - How We Get Paid 

Ameriplan® pays us a generous commission for every application we submit. We are paid two ways: We receive daily pay and monthly residual income. Residual income is great because you keep getting paid over and over again for the work you did one time. You will continue to receive a portion of that same person's monthly membership month after month, year after year. So your checks keep growing every month. While you may enroll 10 this month and 10 next month, you keep getting paid for twenty, thirty, fourty and so on. And five years down the road, you are still getting paid for these same people provided, they are still active and you will accumulate a ton of people over time. 
We also offer amazing fast track bonuses (if you reach your first promotion within 30 days)!

Here’s how it all breaks down: 
When you enroll someone to work with the company or someone into one of our benefit packages, you will receive 120% daily upfront commission on all memberships and 60%-70% for recruiting a new team member.  You will then receive 40% residual commission on all memberships!!  And you will receive 30%-35% residual on all team members you recruit and will continue to receive  monthly residual commissions on each membership, depending on which level you are.

- Level One Reps Will Earn:
35% commission on any reps that you sponsor (double commission on the first month).  
40% commission on any of the health products (triple commission on the first month).  

 Level Two Reps Will Earn:
30% commission on any reps that you sponsor (double commission on the first month).
40% commission on any of the health products (triple commission on the first month). 

 What makes Ameriplan® so amazing, and the reason why we have thousands of reps making $25,000 or $50,000 even $75,000 a year or more working from home part time, is because we do make that 30% to 35% commission right away, but we continue to make that same commission amount again and again, each month. Month after month, year after year, as long as our customer is paying their low monthly premium, we continue to make that same commission amount again, without ever having to do any additional work. For example, if you sign up 5 one month you will get paid on 5. Next month sign up 5 again and now you will get paid on 10, the next month sign up another 5 and get paid on 15 and so on. This is called Residual Income.

As an added bonus, Ameriplan® will also double your first check on each new piece of business. For example, if your first check on a new piece of business is supposed to be $30, Ameriplan® will pay you $60. Then, every month thereafter you will make the normal $30. It’s Ameriplan’s® way of helping us make more money faster!

This is excellent income, but there’s still more! Ameriplan® is very proactive at rewarding us financially for our efforts. When someone you recruited into Ameriplan® as a Rep is doing well, it’s a reflection upon you because you helped to mentor and train them. So, once you have established your business with Ameriplan®, you will also earn an additional commission, up to 33%, off of what the people you’ve recruited are doing. This commission will help to double your total income.

You might wonder how much you will make with Ameriplan®. It's different for everyone, because not everyone works the same amount of hours or has the same level of commitment. On our team, for those consistently putting in at least 10-15 hours a week, we have people making anywhere from $500 a month to over $4,000 a month and we have people who just started this month all the way up to people who have been working with Ameriplan® for over ten years! 

What we receive as an IBO 

As workers with Ameriplan®, we receive everything we need to run our business from home, plus many benefits. 

~ We get a Back-Office website. This is where we enter all of our applications, check on our team members and our paychecks. Basically we run the business from this website.

~ You'll receive several professionally designed e-commerce websites for your business with all of our programs listed on there for potential customers to look at, locate providers in their zip codes as well as purchase the programs.

 These websites are completely up and operational with your own URL, all you need to do is just activate them. Domain name, hosting, web site design and maintenance is all provided by the company. 

~ You also receive ongoing, unlimited training through our training website, conference call lines, training materials and special training classes. 

~ Also, Ameriplan® has a huge Customer Support/Broker Support Center with full time employees at our Corporate Headquarters in Plano, TX. They process all the applications for us, process payments and field all of our customer's calls. This department also handles all of the administrative work for us, including bookkeeping, credit card processing and payroll. So when we enroll these plans, they mail them their membership cards and a 800# and when the customers have questions, they contact them instead of us. 

~ As brokers with the company we don't keep any inventory in our homes so Ameriplan® mails the new broker packages and the membership packages with their benefit card. They do that for us and cover all of the shipping costs as well. 

~ Also your entire household receives one of the Platinum Series memberships of your choice! 

~ Direct Deposit is also provided to you as you promote within the company. 

~ When you get started, you are going to receive a new broker package in the mail with full colored brochures of all of our benefit programs, applications, forms and a New Broker Procedures Manual, so you will get a really nice kit full of materials.

~ And then of course you will have a personal mentor who will be there to help and guide you to build your business. This person will make sure all of your questions are answered and make sure that you have all of the tools you need to be successful with your new business. 

The normal cost to cover all of this would surely amount to over $700 a month on your own but since Ameriplan® is such a large company they are able to cover most of it for us, and they do so graciously. Brokers who are already working with the company are very thankful for them for doing it, so we don't have to pay for all of those things! The only thing we, brokers have to pay is a very small annual registration fee and a small monthly membership fee.

How to get started? 

That’s who we are, what we do and how we get paid. Now we will quickly go over how you would get started working from home with us. Ameriplan® is a business that you would own, like your very own franchise of Ameriplan®. Like any legitimate business there is an investment involved, however, fortunately for us, ours is very low. The average legitimate home business has an investment (those approved by the Better Business Bureau like Ameriplan®) on an average of $500 - $1000 or more. Again, thankfully that’s NOT the case with us! Ours are much, MUCH lower. 

As brokers with AmeriPlan, we have a $25 annual enrollment and a $40 one time registration. You're going to receive a really nice kit full of materials, it has brochures and various forms that you'll need. Also AmeriPlan has a customer service department at our home office in Dallas, they service all of our benefit members for us so when we enroll these plans, they mail them their membership cards and an 800# and when the customers have questions, they contact them instead of us. You'll also receive professionally designed e-commerce websites for your business. We also have a small monthly overhead. The first one is due when you get started. And your future overhead will be treated as a payroll deduction, so just deducted from your paycheck as long as your check is over the amount of your overhead. And all of us that work have no problem covering it. You have two options to choose from:

  Level One is $99.95 per month. This level will give you AmeriPlan's top compensation plan of 35% commission on any reps that you sponsor (double commission on the first month) and 40% commission on any of the health products (triple commission on the first month).

Level Two is our Stair Step option which is great for those on a budget. This level allows you to ease into the overhead and top compensation plan as you grow your business. This level is only $49.95 per month for the first six months, then $74.95 for the following six months, then $99.95 per month going forward. This level includes commissions of 30% commission on any reps that you sponsor (double commission on the first month) and 40% commission on any of the health products (triple commission on the first month).

 With both levels, you will receive all the benefits AmeriPlan offers for your entire household, which includes the Medical, Dental, Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic plan, Legal Services, Identity Theft Protection, Roadside Assistance, Credit Repair and discounts at many retailers nationwide on shopping, dining, automotive, travel and much more.

Each level will give you great opportunity for success, it’s really just a personal preference on what's the best fit for you and your family.

Our business investment covers everything we need to run our business, including all of our e-commerce websites online, our back office website where we do our work from and check on our earnings, all of our training, training classes online and over the phone and all of our training materials all of our back office accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, credit card processing for our customers, paper work and application processing, postage, shipping and much more are covered within our low monthly overhead.

Unlike other legitimate home businesses, we aren't required to purchase and store products and inventory or meet monthly quotas. Everything that we just mentioned above is covered in a low monthly overhead.

Obviously it costs more than $49.95 a month for everything we get to run our businesses but Ameriplan® graciously supplements the rest for us to help keep our costs low.

There is just one more thing worth mentioning. The IRS actually gives us HUGE tax deductions for owning a business that we run out of our homes. So now, the cost of as little as $49.95 a month to run your business will be a lot easier knowing you can receive huge home office deductions. Use that money to pay off debt, take a family vacation, do home repairs or save for a rainy day. Do whatever you want with that money but know that starting a home business like Ameriplan® is what I feel to be one of the best tax shelters available. 

There is no contract that you will need to sign when you join our company! If for any reason you decide to cancel your membership, you can do so in writing, by sending an e-mail to Ameriplan® Corporate.  

We hope that the above information was helpful in making your decision about working with Ameriplan®. 

If you feel that our company would be a good match for what you are looking for and you would be a good addition to our Team, please contact the person who sent you to this site! They will talk with you and answer any questions you may have. They will also be happy to assist you with your application over the phone.

We are looking forward to speaking with you and possibly working with you in the near future! Please keep in mind, we're always here to assist you! 

   ~ The Freedom At Home Team ~


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FAST Track Program Bonuses

RSD within 30 days is $250.00

SRSD within 60 days is $500.00

ESD within 60 days is $750.00

SESD within 60 days is $1,000

NSD within 60 days is $1250.00
Rookie of the Year Bonuses

Rookie of the Month will be awarded $500.00

Rookie of each quarter will be awarded $1,000

Rookie of the year will be awarded $3,000 

The Cadillac Club

You can qualify for Ameriplan’s prestigious Cadillac Club and put yourself behind the wheel of this outstanding automobile. You can drive a Luxurious White Diamond CTS Sports Sedan or Coupe or SRX Sport Utility with Titanium Colored Leather Interior. Contact an Ameriplan IBO for more details.

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